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Unsure about the sage color trend? You're not alone, but these interiors may just convince you that it's the color of the year for interiors and beyond.

Minimalism has long been a popular look for social areas of the home, but the rising popularity of low-profile beds and greyscale color palettes indicates that minimalist bedrooms are catching up quickly. And for good reason! This philosophy streamlines bedrooms to their fundamental purpose as a place to clear the mind away from the responsibilities and struggles of everyday life. While walls dotted with posters or knick-knacks have a certain comforting charm, removing clutter allows the room to reflect the raw atmosphere of nightfall or daybreak. This post offers 40 examples for inspiration.

Revamping a smallish apartment is a challenge by itself. When you include a decorator’s need to satisfy his customer’s very specific style points, the issue just multiplies.

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